POSITION STATEMENT: Certification of Infection Control

With reference to the survey result on "The professional development of Infection control nurses (May 2005), & consensus from the advisors & council members of HKICNA (Aug 2005), a position statement on the Certification on Infection Control is developed as follows :

Systematic implementation of Infection Control Practice has been shown to prevent the spread and controlling infection in healthcare settings. It is also recognized that infection control is of the major components in quality healthcare service. It is therefore important to maintain a high standard of service by competent professionals.

To ensure infection control professional's competence and service quality, Hong Kong Infection Control Nurses' Association (HKICNA) supports:

  1. A system of voluntary and periodic certification of infection control nurses who have already acquired the educational and practice requirement
  2. There should be an authoritative and professional body to serve as a resource on quality certification and set up the process of certification
  3. The certification system should include elements such as basic recognized training, continuous education, practical experience and examination etc
  4. The certification will promote a quality service, professional development and stability of the workforce