To form a base for exchange of information and experiences, HKICNA published the 1st issue of newsletter in January 2002.

The newsletter is the official publication of HKICNA which is published bi-annually in March and September. Members are entitled to a free subscription.

It welcomes articles pertaining to prevention, surveillance and control of infections, and related complications in health care organization and community.

Material may not be reproduced without permission of the HKICNA. Statements and opinions are the responsibility of the author(s).

Each manuscript submitted undergoes review by specialist advisors. Once it is accepted, the article is subject to editing by the editorial members.

Appreciation for submission, which costs about $ 250, will be presented to the chief author of a successful submission.

Preparation of manuscripts
Manuscripts should conform to acceptable English / Chinese usage. Standard abbreviations should be used consistently throughout the paper. Unusual abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they appear in text., with abbreviation in parentheses.

An article of 12 font , times new roman , double-spaced , typewritten pages with illustrations, tables and references makes not longer than 4 pages. Authors should stay within 4 pages as the maximum unless with unusual circumstances.

Title pages
The first title page should include the title; name(s) and academic degree(s) of the author(s); name(s) of the department(s) and institution(s) where the work was done; and name, office telephone number and e-mail of the chief author.

Confirmation of submission
Once the article is accepted, in normal circumstances, the author will be confirmed by e-mail within 3 months after the article has reached HKICNA.

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Editorial Board

Specialist advisors

  1. Professor Joanne CHUNG
    Associate Vice President (Programme Development), Head of the Department of Health and Physical Education, The Hong Kong Institute of Education , Hong Kong
  2. Dr TO Wing-kin
    Infection Control Officer, Yan Chai Hospital & CMC; Consultant, microbiology, KWC, Hong Kong
  3. Chief Editor
    Conita LAM Hung-suet, Senior Nursing officer, Chief Infection Control officer's ( CICO) Office, Hospital Authority ,Hong Kong